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Natural Science: U3. Learning about animals is always motivating. KEEP IT THAT WAY!!!!


  Vertebrates vs invertebrates.

  Viviparous vs oviparous.

  Carnivores vs herbivores = omnivores.

Graphic organizers for Science classes.

Bueno, bueno. Aquí os mando el organigrama con el que empezaremos a estudiar la clasificación de los animales. Los vertebrados primero. Cinco grupos de animales con columna vertebral y que quedarán representados cada uno por un dedo: peces, anfibios, reptiles, aves y los mamíferos quedarán en el pulgar.

5 groups of vertebrates ( with vertebral column): fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals.

El super documental. El ascenso de los vertebrados.

Graphic organizer. Oviparous.

Eliminado el grupo de vertebrados que no nacen de huevos. Eliminados pues, los mamíferos, nos quedan 4 grupos ovíparos.

5 groups of vertebrates - mammals = 4 groups of vertebrates are oviparous.

These are the 4.


Brown bear, brown bear, what do you see? Story time with animals´ families.

And a lovely song.

Animals´ groups' video links:

It is time to organize the information. Let´s get started!

We LOVE ❤ graphic orginizers.



 Vertebrates have a vertebral column. Easy!!!






Vertebrates? Really, don´t you belive me? Check this out!

Thanks to Oregon´s Zoo for this video.



Oviparous come from O = eggs.




And recall last year video about Amphibians.

Salamander´s metamorphosis.

And what if animals nad no vertebral column?

Thanks to Martín.

They would be INVERTEBRATES.

Can you find any vertebral column? That is the question.

AQUATIC invetebrates:

First moments

Some mollusks. OMG, they are so very cute!

  TERRESTRIAL invertebrates

And something funny!

Hello, hallo, pardon... I´m here!

Q: Why do bees have sticky hair? A: They use "honey combs"!

Explanation: You already know that bees make honey. Honeycomb is where honey is stored in the hive. The honeycomb is made of many hexagons (a 6 sided figure like a snowflake or nuts and bolts) that are made of wax.

A comb is used to make your messy hair neat. When you run the comb through your hair or pass the comb through your hair you are combing your hair.

This joke is funny because it plays with the words comb and honeycomb. And obviously, bees do not have hair that needs a comb just like people do. (Bees, though, do have hair.)

Here is a very interesting video about bees growing from eggs in the honeycomb:

Thank you, honey bee!

Pollination = plants

Structure is everything. Scaffolding to construct knowledge.

Shall we analyze invertebrates now?

Animals are born...but, only animals? Let´s talk about our vegetable garden.

But let´s dance a bit more before that.

Let´s start with PLANTS! Hurray!!!

If you are born, you are alive. If you are alive, celebrate it! You are a living thing!

Now, sorting types of Living Things

Our stand for living things studies.

Parts of the plant