Let´s now, REVIEW all.

Everything in a Song. Last Review.

Extra, extra, extra. Indian accent.

Review U3.  Weather.

Listen and learn.

Severe Weather

Weather tools.


It´s time to review the differences between them.

Experiment time: A Hurricane in a bottle.

If you want to go a little further, why don´t you try this one?


Which ones are weather tools? Find them.

Aprender enseñando.


Que levante la mano quién se acuerde de esto.

From in to out.

And something to catch everybody's attention. Literally, jumping into the atmosphere.

Hello exosphere, bye; hello thermosphere, bye; hello mesosphere, bye; hello stratosphere, bye; hello troposphere, hello everyone!!

And making models of the atmosphere.

Finishing our models. They look nice!!!

The importance and function of the different layers of the atmosphere. Thank you, Inés!

Indian accent.

Unit 2. Our World. Review.

Earth features:

Do you remember this song from last year? It´s worth a glance. What do you think?


Our best Earth. Our only one.

Kids vocabulary - Our Planet, Earth - continents, and oceans.

Europe puzzle.

This is a challenge. You can use maps and globes for help.


And maybe some more games.

Unit 1. Review The Solar System.


Layers of the Earth

New video: 





Let´s have an amazing trip.


Review the layers of the Earth with this creative activity.


Layers of the Earth fan.

You can get all the material from the link below.


Enjoy a little of Artistic Science!

A tribute for a historical dog.

Our moon was our protagonist. 

The moon is a little lier. It has the shape of a "D" when is crescent and its shape is like "C" when it is decreasing. Don´t you see! Little lier pretty moon.

This page is colossal. Do not miss it!! We will NOT!


An interactive moon sculpture

Art and Science as part of something bigger.

Experimenting with the phases of the moon.



....and we will keep learning. That´s for sure.

Now, a little of practice.


And an essential just to dance.

Last week, as you may know, we went to "El Planetario"

Have a look and DO NOT forget to deep into the " Planetario" website. There´s so much to learn.

Reviewing and extending our knowledge. 😉

And remember to talk about the types of stars...